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badmarmarDANCE, founded in 2010 by Marlo Stafford-Martin, is a dynamic, risk-taking, and powerful modern dance company based in Seattle, WA. badmarmarDANCE’s works are formed from the exploration and experiences of the human condition, the human response, and the humanity in all of us (as badmarmar sees and feels it). badmarmarDANCE has been featured at Velocity’s Fall Kick Off, NEXTfest NW, Spotlight on Seattle (Beyond the Threshold), A Moving Conversation, the BOOST dance festival, and at the self-produced world premiere of tenSIDES in 2012.

“Ms. Martin’s choreography is much like Ms. Martin herself: intelligent, sensitive, humane, vibrant. tenSIDES features ten wonderful dancers guided by an intelligent picture of space enigmatically filled with chairs. Only upon close and attentive viewing does their function become obvious. Ms. Martin concentrates largely upon the emotional space that binds the dancers together, leaving more subtle bits to the viewer. It was one of the most intellectually satisfying dances I’ve seen in awhile and Ms. Martin’s lack of exposition or explanation through sterotypical imagery shows that she holds an audience’s ability to think and feel in some high regard. More choreographers should do the same.” Omar Willey, of The Seattle Star.


Redd Legg Dance
Redd Legg Dance was formed in the Spring of 2005. Directed by choreographer Kristen Legg, Redd Legg Dance is a modern dance company dedicated to keeping technique and performance quality alive in concert dance. Legg's works are poignant; at times humorous, at times warped. She works to present pieces that speak to a wide audience. Redd Legg Dance also strives to present child appropriate works. It is Legg's goal to create work that draws young people in and makes dance more accessible to today's youth. Whether you are a child or an adult, you are sure to enjoy Redd Legg Dance.