For those who
want to dance
but never have!

If you’ve never taken a dance class before or are unfamiliar with a particular dance genre, never fear! The eXit SPACE Basic class was designed specifically for dancers like you.

Basic classes
These classes are offered for tap, modern, ballet, and hip-hop. Each sessions is 8 weeks in length and classes meet one hour per week. Over the course of a basic session, our instructors will cover the fundamentals, with an emphasis on introducing each student to the structure of dance class and the core elements of technique. Students progress through each class, developing body awareness, correct alignment, strength, and increased flexibility. Even if you’re convinced you were born with two left feet, our experienced faculty will guide you through the process of learning the fundamentals.

Basic class students will receive a syllabus for the session, highlighting the core concepts to be covered and providing additional resources such as web links, books and reference articles, and upcoming local dance performances. At the end of the session, each student will have an opportunity to sit down with the instructor and determine if the student is ready to move on to card-based classes (e.g., beginning modern or intermediate hip-hop) or if it would be better to continue developing the fundamentals by taking another basic session.

Basic class sessions for the 2016-2017 season are:

Session 1
September 12 - November 6

Session 2
November 7 - January 22 (no class on 11/24, no classes 12/19 through 1/1)

Session 3
January 23 - March 19

Session 4
March 20 - May 14

Session 5
May 15 - July 9

Session 6
July 10 - August 31

Pre-Registration is required. To register for a basic session or get additional information, please call us at 206.949.8643 to discuss your interests.