What styles are offered?


Class emphasis is on placement, strength development, body awareness, and quality of movement. Class approaches alternate between a purely classical style and those designed with a more contemporary view of ballet technique. Ballet class can be used to reinforce technique for other dance forms, or continue perfecting placement and classical lines. Every class includes a comprehensive barre and center practice.


This is a low-level ballet class that includes warm-up exercises on mats, a strengthening barre with lots of stretching, lyrical center-floor combinations, and more long stretching on mats. This is a great class for beginners and a wonderful relaxing work-out for any level.


Pointe class is for students with strong ballet training who are interested in starting/revisiting pointe work. Each hour-long class is divided into two parts: strengthening and variation work. All students will work at the barre on strengthening, participate in short exercises across the floor, and be given tips on how to improve technique. After strengthening, some students may be asked to change to flat shoes as we begin to learn more difficult variations. As the more beginning pointe student improves, there will be opportunities for her to work in the shoes for longer periods of time.


eXit SPACE offers an array of modern technique classes, all focused on strengthening technique and improving artistry. The modern faculty at eXit SPACE is composed of professional dancers and choreographers who are currently presenting work in Seattle. Basic level classes give those new to dance an foundation in which to build. Our most advanced modern classes are a perfect way for professionals and trained dancers to work with local dance artists. Styles range from traditional modern to extremely visceral, current dance styles. Floorwork, jumps, and inverted work are all emphasized, but not required.


All classes explore the various styles of jazz including, but not limited to, lyrical, modern, commercial, and musical theatre. Class begins with a comprehensive warm-up that focuses on building strength, flexibility, and proper technique. Accompanied by a wide range of popular music selections, students will develop their technique through challenging leaps, turns, and progressions. Most classes end with a longer combination incorporating body isolations, extensions, and other technique addressed during class.


This class will help dancers enhance their performance quality and will increase their ability to retain and repeat choreography quickly. Using music from popular Broadway musicals, Karen encourages dancers to access their acting skills while spending a large portion of the hour-long class working on the details of the choreography. This class is appropriate for all ability levels, beginner through advanced.


Each class works from a solid foundation of classical tap. All students will learn basic tap skills and technique. As the student progresses, more detailed and difficult steps, syncopated rhythms, and more challenging progressions will be taught.


Hip hop styles vary from teacher to teacher and coast to coast. At eXit SPACE, students can count on a thorough warm up to practice (and/or learn) how to isolate their bodies with clear dynamics, building the necessary strength and flexibility for optimal movement. Each class is taught using unique, current, and fun choreography. As the student progresses, the choreography and movement becomes more challenging.


This viniyoga-based class is designed to make yoga accessible for all body types and abilities. Come stretch, strengthen, and relax your body through a combination of both gentle and invigorating postures. Learn how connecting movement with breath can help calm and center the body and mind. Appropriate for all levels, including beginners.