What level dancer am I?


Basic classes are for those interested in learning a new dance form. Many students are coming to dance for the first time ever, or since they were a child. Others students in these classes have extensive training in one form of movement and are looking to broaden their dance knowledge. For the most part, basic level classes are for the true beginner.


Beginning classes are geared toward movers who have had some amount of training, whether in basic level or in their past. These classes focus heavily on basic technique through simple progressions and a better understanding of movement.


Intermediate level classes are for trained dancers returning to dance after many years away from the art, younger pre-professional, or professionals looking to focus on technique. Emphasis is placed on improving strength, completing more difficult combinations, and artistry.


Advanced classes cater to the pre- and post-professional and professional dancer. Classes contain challenging combinations, dynamic choreography, and heavy emphasis on presentation.


Open classes are taught to the average level of student in attendance,
but variations are offered for those in need of something more or less challenging.