An atmosphere
that is both
& supportive

We deeply value the development of each individual and strive to provide
an atmosphere that is both professional and supportive. Our goal is to
create a community of dancers and dance enthusiasts who share common
beliefs about the art of dance.

Our eXit SPACE community believes dance should be accessible to
everyone. Regardless of age, experience, size, or ability - we offer
the class and community for all.

Find purpose
Dance can provide a person’s livelihood, contribute to physical fitness,
enliven one's creative side, or just be a long-lasting and beloved hobby.

Be welcoming
We welcome all dancers through our doors with encouragement and warmth.
We work very hard to gain the respect and trust we need from our students
to best guide each individual towards his/her unique goals and potential.

Think big
At eXit SPACE we believe you can have it all: support and encouragement along with passionate, challenging, and effective training across many dance idioms.

Come explore
This is not just our tag line, it is our call to you! Come to explore a dance idiom
that piques your interest or to develop a deeper knowledge of a particular
dance style. Whatever your inspiration, the phenomenal eXit SPACE faculty
will help you explore all the possibilities.