An exciting layer
in the education
& art of dance

takePAUSE is an annual performance and technique workshop for adult dancers beginning through professional level at eXit SPACE in Seattle WA. Each year eXit SPACE sells out an exciting, jammed packed weekend of shows at Broadway Performance Hall featuring jazz, ballet, modern, tap, and hip hop performances by adult dancers beginning through professional level. takePAUSE is celebrating its ninth year (2014) and has emerged as one of the best opportunities for adult dancers of all levels to work with professional teachers and choreographers while in an encouraging, welcoming, and supportive environment.

Students may choose from a variety of choreographers, styles of dance, and technique levels. The takePAUSE Workshop includes weekly rehearsals and classes that span from late February to May culminating in two professionally produced evening concerts at Broadway Performance Hall in Seattle WA. Choreographers are warm and welcoming as they challenge and encourage all dancers to reach their potential in class and in rehearsal.

takePAUSE Level Information

For the newbie: Faculty guides the beginning dancer as they learn the etiquette, protocols, and expectations of weekly classes and rehearsals. We pay particular attention to offering constant support as we enter the theater for tech and dress week as well as into the performance. For many dancers this will be one of their first experiences performing.

For the up and coming performer: The perfect chance to hone your performance skills and work in various styles of dance. Intermediate dancers may choose to perform in multiple works having the opportunity to learn from various choreographers. Faculty helps to foster the development of stage presence, technique, and overall comfort and knowledge of theater etiquette and form for the intermediate student.

Advanced / Professional
For the veteran performer: The advanced to professional level dancer will be pushed to expand their performance and technical boundaries. Faculty works to offer new modes of movement quality, develop deep connections within the body as the dancer learns challenging material and phrase work, and encourage all dancers to investigate their own potential and challenges.