Beginning Jazz & Beginning Ballet



2 years



Basic Ballet, Basic Modern,
Basic Jazz

"I’ve gone from, “It’s Tuesday, I HAVE to go to dance – to it’s Tuesday (or Thursday or Sunday) I GET to go to dance!"
As a single mom of two intensely talented dancers. I was astounded that my babies had grown into such creative, strong women. I used to play at the idea of taking up classes. After they were both in college, I made excuses for over a year before I worked up the nerve. I walked in one Monday for a Basic Ballet class and there was no one else there; only Jennifer Carroll and me and floor-to-ceiling mirrors. I, procrastinator that I am, said I could come back later. Here am I, close to 300 pounds in my black sweats and heavy eyeliner, and here is Jennifer with her beauty, grace, and quiet authority. She just answered calmly, “No, we’ll have a class” and put me through one killer hour."


What kind of dancer
could I become?

We deeply value the development of each individual and strive to provide an atmosphere
that is both professional and supportive. Our goal is to create a community of dancers
and dance enthusiasts who share common beliefs about the art of dance: