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Creative Movement classes are taught by our highly trained faculty who encourage students to develop their imagination and self-expression. Each class uses props and music to help each child create and discover their own voice. At this early stage children will learn the basic structure and discipline of a dance class as they explore the fun of moving, singing, and acting! All of our Creative Movement classes are divided into ½ hour ballet and ½ hour tap. This class creates a solid foundation for children who choose to continue with dance and provides great tools for children in all areas of their development such as in social interaction, school, and athletics.


Combo class is the perfect bridge from creative movement to level classes. During ages 5-7 classes need to be a balance between fun, creative, and engaging with concentrated and educational. Students at this age and level are introduced to the basic principles of ballet and tap. The first steps, shapes, ideas, and terminology of ballet and tap are taught and practiced. Props, sing along songs with movement, and a variety of creative play exercises are also utilized during combo classes. These essential skills and techniques are required to progress to the next levels of dance.


Dancers ages 5-7 have so much energy and this hip hop/jazz class is the perfect class to channel that energy! Children 5-7 years of age learn best in a balanced and supportive atmosphere. eXit SPACE faculty creates a fun, creative, and engaging class room while teaching beginner dancers discipline, etiquette and technique. Students at this age and level are introduced to the basic principles of hip hop and jazz. The first steps, shapes, ideas, and terminology of hip hop and jazz are taught and practiced. Dancers will learn how to isolate their body, move to the rhythm of current pop music, the jazz basics, and fun of hip hop. These essential skills and techniques are required to progress to the next levels of dance.


Ballet is the foundation for all types of dance. It is strongly suggested that all dancers enroll in ballet (as well as their choice of other classes). Class emphasis is on placement, strength and flexibility development, body awareness and quality of movement. Ballet is essential for the development of strong, clear, and correct technique. During the developing years of ballet technique classes concentrate on clean, clear, and strong classical technique. Ballet teaches students to embrace discipline, structure, hard work, and practice. Each ballet class includes a comprehensive barre and center practice.


Modern is a wonderful and ever evolving dance genre that is based on breaking down and manipulating the technique of ballet. Dancers will have the opportunity to fully explore their own movement potential, creativity, and physical coordination. All modern classes are designed to create strong, aligned, and focused dancers. Modern dance allows students to develop a deep connection and control of their center (core abdominal muscles), confidence in acrobatics (cart wheels, hand and head stands, floor rolls, and more), and freedom in movement (moving through space without specific shapes as in ballet- modern allows for free form movement, based on intention and dynamics rather then specific shapes and steps).


Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by a tapping sound that is created from metal plates that are attached to both the ball and heel of the dancer's shoe. These metal plates, when tapped against a hard surface, create a percussive sound and as such the dancers are considered to be musicians. Tap class works from a solid foundation of classical tap. All students will learn basic tap skills such as various time-steps, shuffle, flap, and ball-change. As the student progresses, syncopated rhythms, faster footwork, and more difficult progressions will be taught.


In the early stages of training dancers will learn the basics of jazz as they concentrate on increasing their strength and flexibility through safe and effective exercises. As the jazz student progresses they will learn the various styles of jazz including lyrical, modern, commercial, and musical-theatre. All classes begin with a comprehensive warm-up that focuses on building coordination, stamina, style, strength and flexibility. Students will further develop their technique through challenging leaps, turns, and progressions.