How do I
know what path
to follow?

A variety of options
eXit SPACE offers a variety of dance styles including ballet, modern, jazz, tap, hip hop and creative movement for children ages 3-15. Students ages 16-19 follow one of two tracts- the Adult Open Program or the Pre-Professional Advanced Program (opening Fall 2013).

The eXit SPACE Young Dancer Program is designed for students who are interested in exploring dance and those who have committed themselves to seriously studying the art of dance and performance.

Early Learning (Ages 2-5)
Creative Movement

Preparatory Classes (Ages 5-7)
Combo Ballet/Tap
Combo Ballet/Modern
Combo Hip Hop/Jazz

Compulsory Progression Classes (Ages 7+)
Ballet - Levels One and Two
Modern - Levels One and Two
Jazz - Levels One and Two
Tap - Levels One and Two
Hip hop - Levels One and Two

Intermediate Progression Classes (Ages 10+)
Ballet - Levels Three, Four and Five
Modern - Levels Three, Four and Five
Jazz - Levels Three, Four and Five
Tap - Levels Three, Four and Five
Hip hop - Levels Three, Four and Five

Advanced/Pre-Professional Program
By audition only. Dancers involved in the PROGRAM are students who are serious about their commitment to dance and are committed to pursuing a pre-professional and/or professional career in dance.


Students enrolled in Level One or higher are strongly encouraged to participate in at least two classes per week. Students will progress more quickly; their understanding of technique will develop sooner and more cohesively. Taking multiple classes per week is essential to the development of a strong, technically proficient, and focused dancer. As dancers progress throughout the levels of technique from Early Learning through to Intermediate and on to Advanced/Professional, the technique presented becomes significantly more challenging, the expectations for dedication and focus are accelerated, and dancers are guided toward reaching their fullest potential.