Class placement
& progression

Evaluating levels
Although the levels are loosely guided by age, unlike at your child’s school, dancers rarely progress a level each year. A dancer’s education and progression of technique, performance, and artistry is a process that spans over many years. We develop the structure of our classes and levels directly around and for the benefit of the individual students in our Young Dancer Program. Although your young dancer may be placed in the same level as the year before this does not mean that they will be starting over, rather they will continue to refine and practice the technique. As they move through the Young Dancer Program levels they will have the opportunity to follow and mimic more advanced class mates and eventually become the leader in the classroom; this is an essential part of their dance education.

At the culmination of the season our students receive an evaluation and placement card from their instructor. Our faculty carefully evaluates the progress, as well as the current and potential level of technique, for each individual student. Parents will receive our recommendations for their child’s next dance class(es), which will help them register for the most appropriate and beneficial level of ballet, tap, jazz, modern, or hip hop. Our program depends on the talents and education of our faculty; through many years of teaching and training we have discovered the best way to place our students in the most appropriate level of class, as well as nurture the individual young dancer. Our classes are based on the level of technique taught; some children progress more quickly while others will take more time to achieve the necessary tools and form to move up a level. Your child’s dance education is individual to your child, we believe in challengingeach dancer to progress within their capabilities while pushing them beyond what they believe is possible.