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Parent watch week

It is our mission to create a safe and supportive environment for dancers to learn and create; therefore, we ask that you allow your child their space so they can gain a sense of independence and control. We ask that parents accompany their child to class and then leave the space during the class, returning at least 5 minutes before reverence. We understand children develop their independence at various times, so if you or your child is uncomfortable please speak with Marlo so we can best suit your needs. Most importantly, as lovely as siblings are, unfortunately they usually cause a distraction. Please feel free to introduce siblings to the school but remove them during class.

We will hold two parent watch weeks during the year (September-June). During these weeks, siblings, family, and friends are all welcome to observe the class. This is a great time for the young dancers to show what they have learned and to receive applause and positive remarks from an audience! Reminders about parent watch weeks will be given at least four weeks prior for scheduling purposes.

eXit SPACE school performance
Broadway Performance Hall, Seattle
Dance is a performing art form; performance is a very important element in the training and education of young dancers. Each year we produce an all school concert featuring our lovely Young Dancer Program students, talented Adult Program dancers, and entertaining professional modern dance companies. We provide the students with a professional venue, a structured yet exciting backstage experience, and above all we guide them through the process of performance. This is a great opportunity for dancers to learn more about dance by watching other talented dancers and to discover the fun of performing on a stage with lighting, costumes, and music. It is also a terrific time for parents, family, and friends to share in their young dancers’ training and experience.

(the pre-professional program at eXit SPACE)
The PROGRAM dancers perform at 2-3 competitions, attend one convention, and are showcased at multiple community performances each season. Dancers accepted into the PROGRAM have the privilege of attending professional dance concerts throughout the city, backstage tours, exciting chances to work one on one with guest faculty, and receive personal coaching.