Discipline &
respect are
both learned
in dance class

Please note the following dance class etiquette and discuss it with your child.

Be prepared
A special dance bag may help. Keep shoes, warm-up clothing, and water in a bag for each dance class.

Take care of our floor
There are no street shoes allowed on the dance floor (this includes parent’s footwear as well). We value our floor and treat it with respect as only dancers are allowed to move on it.

No chewing please
Gum, candy, and food are not allowed in the studio.

Be open & respectful
We encourage all dancers to explore and share their thoughts and ideas with us. Each instructor has created a class that promotes creativity and imagination. In order for all dancers to benefit, each dancer must learn to listen and follow the instructions of the teacher.

Do not disturb
If there is a class in session as you and your child are entering the studio please try and enter as quietly as possible as to not disturb the students in class. As you leave class another class will be starting. Please exit the studio quietly and resume any conversations outside.

For little ones
For very young dancers (3-5 years) a trip to the bathroom before class is needed. Parents can help them to the bathroom before break so the instructor does not have to stop class for too many bathroom breaks.

Say thank you
Class always ends with a reverence (a bow and thank you) during the last 5 minutes. At this time the teacher thanks the students for their great dancing and the students thank the teacher for class that day.