eXit SPACE is a unique environment where dance technique and community come together. We work tirelessly to create a genuinely supportive and highly creative atmosphere for the beginning student through professional level dancer. eXit SPACE offers a wide curriculum of technique classes including ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and hip-hop to suit students of all ages and levels. Classes at eXit SPACE are stylistically diverse and reflect each teacher's aesthetic interest and artistic background.

The eXit SPACE faculty is highly experienced in their respective fields, and our instructors are specifically suited to the classes they teach. Our programs are designed for students who wish to fully experience the art and science of dance and dance education.

eXit SPACE classes emphasize four elements of dance training:
  • Physical Prowess - the development and mastery of dance technique
  • Performance Skill - the ability to effectively articulate emotional artistry
  • Emotional Drive - the inspiration and motivation to continuously improve
  • Community - the appreciation and promotion of a strong and encouraging environment

Because we feel it is important to create classes that are specific to the needs of all of our students, eXit SPACE maintains two distinct programs: the adult program and the young dancer program.


Our Community - We deeply value the development of each individual and strive to provide an atmosphere that is both professional and supportive. Our goal is to create a community of dancers and dance enthusiasts who share common beliefs about the art of dance:
  • Our eXit SPACE community believes dance should be accessible to everyone. Regardless of age, experience, size, or ability - we offer the class and community for all.
  • Dance serves a variety of purposes for a diverse set of students at eXit SPACE. Dance can provide a person’s livelihood, contribute to physical fitness, enliven one's creative side, or just be be a long lasting and beloved hobby
  • We welcome all dancers through our doors with encouragement and warmth. We work very hard to gain the respect and trust we need from our students to best guide each individual towards his/her unique goals and potential.
  • Thinking big! At eXit SPACE we believe you can have it all: support and encouragement along with passionate, challenging, and effective training across many dance idioms
  • Come to EXPLORE. This is not just our tag line, it is our call to you! Come to explore a dance idiom that piques your interest or to develop a deeper knowledge of a particular dance style. Whatever your inspiration, the phenomenal eXit SPACE faculty will help you explore all the possibilities.

Performance Opportunities - We believe performance is a fun and exciting layer in the education and art of dance, and that the experience of performing should be accessible to all of our students. For many the act of performing is the “reward” for all the hours and months of training. eXit SPACE offers beginning through professional level dancers the opportunity to perform with one another in a shared experience for the sake of growth, development, reward, and of course one's personal enjoyment!

Many of our students have performed in the past and are now searching for performance experiences as adult dancers. Other dancers are newer and may not have had the opportunity to perform in the past. Whatever your background, eXit SPACE is proud to offer an opportunity for all of our dancers to express themselves as artists in a supportive performance setting.

Each year eXit SPACE produces two concerts: a Family Matinee and take/PAUSE. The Family Matinee welcomes dancers of all ages and levels to participate; this concert features ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop, and tap choreography for performers ages 3-60! The Family Matinee is a sell out performance with an audience of family, friends, and dance enthusiasts. take/PAUSE is an annual show featuring local professional companies and the advanced dancers of eXit SPACE. This unique show integrates the student with the professional dancer, and together all performers share the stage for an evening of provocative, diverse, and engaging choreography. Within the past three years eXit SPACE has welcomed oaklanDrive dance company, Redd Legg Dance, Phyzikal Graffi-T, Northwest Dance Syndrome, and many other independent and emerging choreographers to the stage. In a city full of arts, this show is the best bet for diversity - choreography ranges from classical ballet to the avant-garde of modern dance!

Check out a video montage of our concerts by clicking here!



"I really didn't think I would get the chance to tap dance in my lifetime...

although I had always been intrigued by tap dancing as an art form. My children were grown and I noticed a convenient tap dance class, which I promptly observed (I was checking to see If the class was for dance professionals). To my surprise, the students were welcoming and the excitement and animation in the room was palpable. Since that day of tap class observation, my life has changed radically. I have altered my schedule for work and vacations to accommodate the dance schedule. But, the biggest impact has come with the joy and passion that tap dancing has added to my already full life.

When I started I had almost no aptitude besides a willingness to learn. Natural rhythm or an ear for music were not in past experience. eXit SPACE took my desire to learn and provided a patient, supportive atmosphere for me to challenge myself. I have found the learning to be fun and exciting, at the same time as it inspiring. Since I have taken other classes at eXit SPACE, I see that there is a pattern in the director’s choice of teachers. It seems they need to be excellent in their craft and have the personality to be inclusive and supportive of each student’s learning style. From what I have observed in the student body, eXit SPACE provides a home for the beginner through the professional, as well as children on through the ages."

- Rosalyn


"I have danced my whole life, starting at age 3 and going through a degree in Dance in college...

I knew I wasn’t going to run off to New York to be a dancer, but I always envisioned dance being part of my life. However, over the years I always seemed too busy for dance to fit into my packed schedule of work, marriage, and kids. Well, time moves quickly and one day I realized it had been 12 years since I had taken a class.

I knew that I needed to get back to dance for exercise, fun and a creative outlet that was just for me. It had been so long though, the thought of getting back into the studio in front of that mirror and a full class was overwhelming. Would I be able to keep up? Would I look silly? Would my body actually be able to move anymore?

I knew I needed to find a studio that offered solid technical instruction but also be a place where I could feel comfortable and not intimidated. I was coming back for fun, right? Well, that’s when I heard about eXit SPACE. It was exactly what I was looking for. Highly-trained teachers offering a range of classes that would allow me to return to dance form at my pace, but with an atmosphere that was welcoming, warm and safe.

In addition to taking classes there, I have been able to perform annually in the school concert, which brought back another part of dance that I had missed. As I continued to take classes at eXit SPACE and regain my comfort of movement, I auditioned and was accepted into both Redd Legg Dance and oaklanDrive dance companies, both of which are in residence at the studio.

If you would have told me 14 years ago that I would take 12 years off from dance, and then be back with two dance companies I would have laughed. Yet here I am and loving every minute of it."

- Michele


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